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Garlic sauce recipe video - ingredients - method

First off this recipe was filmed for tiktok hence the angry ness at the end as 99% of tiktok is about trolling. However this sauce is amazing and it's super easy to make and takes less than minute if you have the right equipment and power to cook with, one of my go things to eat is chips and this sauce. This one of my go too sauces for chips, the saltier the better :) and I know I say "don't make a puree", then say "add your puree" I miss spoke and didn't notice lol

Useful equipment:

Small food processor


Garlic paste

1 bulb of peeled garlic

1/4 salt

Veg oil, enough to submerge the garlic


1/2 salt


1/2 tsp light soy

1 tbsp veg oil

Potato starch slurry




  1. Cook off some chips until hot in the middle and golden brown on the outside.

  2. Place your peeled bulb of garlic into a small food processor, and top with oil until the garlic is almost submerged.

  3. The blitz until the garlic is fine but still course enough to see small chunks.

  4. now place 2 tsp of of your garlic into a wok along with you 1 tbsp of veg oil, salt and MSG.

  5. Slowly cook off on a medium heat, you're not looking to brown it, just take the rawness away, should only take 30-40 second when up to temp, under cook the garlic and it will be too strong.

  6. Then add 300ml water and 1/2 tsp of light soy sauce.

  7. bring to the boil and then thicken to your like ness using potato starch.

  8. When thick pour over your chips.

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