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Quick BBQ satay belly pork

As another heat wave is on its way, what a perfect time to get the BBQ out and enjoy the weather as much as we can, so here is a simple and super quick recipe for a satay style BBQ belly pork. This will work with any cut of pork, chicken tights, drumsticks, wings, even lamb, I'm just using belly pork as it always remains tender even if you have one to many pimms and allow time to run away with you. I've written this recipe with our followers in mind, using ingredients that we talk about often so the chances of you having to go out to buy them is slim, making this easy and quick to knock out.

Side note: Satay should not have coconut in it, this is a western idea, its kind of like East and South East Asians Serving a roast with no gravy and and mayo, yeah it will be good, but its just not cricket and to many would be sacrilege, that's how we feel about coconut in satay. But if you like it add it, totally up to you, just don't get us for eating roast dinner with rice instead of potato's.

Useful equipment links

Large metal tongs we use -

Glass mixing bowl -

My go to knife -

Wire brush to clean BBQ after use -


500g Belly pork

3 cloves chopped garlic

2 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

4 tbsp veg oil


Get you belly pork and place it into a bowl.

Add your jimmys paste.

Then your eastern star curry powder.

And then everything else.

Mix in a marinade for 2-3 hours, over night for best results.

Place on to the BBQ when your ready.

Turn every 4-5 minutes. Cook until hot inside (over 80 degress C). Best is on a medium heat, and cooked slowly until the fat looks like its crisping, this will render the fat.

Its now ready to serve.

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