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Very quick Sweet and Sour Sauce recipe

This version of sweet and sour is sauce is becoming increasingly popular in takeaways as the takeaway kids, see how hard you have to work it is to just pay the bills and how little understanding the general public give them, they're deciding to go into other industries rather than the 16-18 hours days 6 days a week with the day off doing stock runs and paper work, I don't blame them at all, so this version has pretty much taken over the Chinese takeaway industry over the last 5 years as its quick and easy and only needs a few ingredients, you don't need any skill as many takeaway owners aren't "chef" they just bought the business and had to learn, there aren't many places that will serve recipes like ours anymore. But I do actually like it, its just not the best in my eyes.

Note: I didn't use food colouring, which would make it bright red like a takeaway.

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Useful equipment:

Inductions (2kw still very good for price) -

Induction cooker use (3k we use) -

Cooking spoons -

Measuring jugs -

4oz ceramic dipping pots -


400ml water

150ml white distilled vinegar -

250g ketchup -

250g white sugar

1/4 tsp salt


Place all the ingredients, except the potato starch slurry into a sauce pan.

Bring to the boil and then simmer for 2-3 minutes, you're just making sure all the sugar has dissolved. When sugar has dissolved, this can be taken off the heat, and stocked in an air tight container work weeks.

To use, simply place the amount of sweet and sour sauce you want to make into a sauce pan, bring to the boil then thicken with potato starch until its the thickness you want.

Note: If you make this and its too sweet, next time add 2/3 the amount of sugar, like wise if you find it too sour add 2/3 less vinegar.

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