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Air Fryer Chinese KFC Chicken - CHEAP EATS (early release, on YT 16/11/22)

Ok so this title of this is total click bait, its nothing like KFC chicken in terms of the flavour, but its awesome, especially with a dips and best of all its bloody cheap. With these and a £1 bag of frozen chips you can feed 4 adults for less than £4! Which is perfect for our cheap eats mini series, this one really does beat the cost of living crisis right in the balls!

Useful equipment:

Small clever -

Chopping board -

Mixing bowls -

Measuring spoons -

Pepper grinder -


Chicken to debone

4x Chicken legs (drumstick and thighs)

Inner batter mix

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp ground black pepper

1 tsp onion powder/granules -

2 tbsp plain flour

2 tbsp water

Outer batter mix

150-170g plain flour

1/4 tsp salt

20 good grinds of black pepper from a pepper mill

1 Kcal cooking oil spray for cooking


  1. Separate the drum stick from the thigh, you do this by making a V shape, with the end of the drum stick point up into the air, make sure that the elbow formed is on the chopping board.

  2. Then with a sharp knife slice directly down the middle of the V, if you start cutting and it becomes hard, simple move you knife slightly to one side and press down again, if its still not going threw, move back to the middle then slight move the knife in the opposite direction you did the 1st time. The knife should slice trough the cartilage with a fair amount of ease, if its getting stuck your hitting bone.

  3. Once you have separated your legs, its time to debone the, simple from the top of the leg or thigh, cut in the middle and score down the length of the chicken in a straight line, using your bone as the guide to how deep you need to go.

  4. Then using the tip of your knife angled to one side, start to slice away at the meat, keeping as close to the bone as possible. continue all the way round the bone.

  5. Once all the was round, you'd of successful debone your chicken.

  6. Place you deboned chicken into a large mixing bowl and add all of your ingredients for the inner batter mix, apart from the soy sauce and water.

  7. When your chicken is coated, add your light soy and water and mix in.

  8. This will create a paste that the outer batter will stick too.

  9. Now place all your ingredients from the outer batter mix into a baking tray and combine,

  10. Once mixed well, place your chicken pieces in one at a time to batter them. Squeeze the mixture on to the chicken for a better crisper batter.

  11. Now place skin side down on to an air fryer baking try, spray with 1 kcal oil.

  12. Then place into the air fryer and cook at 190c for 9 minutes.

  13. After 9 minutes, turn the pieces over and spray the skin side with 1 kcal oil, place back in the air fryer for 9 mins at 190c.

  14. Now dish them up.

  15. Optional garish of chives and sweet chilli.

Copyright of Chin and Choo LTD 2022

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