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1 on 1 Zoom Cookery tuition (1:30 hour)

1 on 1 Zoom Cookery tuition (1:30 hour)

You can't get more personal than a cookery course that is soley just for you. Me and Mum will personally over see youre cooking, as its one on one, we will be able to see your techique and advice in a way that is normally impossable, even in a face to face workshop, as there are other we need to give attention too, this is an issue thats no longer an issue in one one one tuition.


Each session is 1:30 hours


Choose from:

Chinese Takeaway

Traditonal Chinese

Dim Sum






On completion you will recive a Digital certificate for each dish that you succefully complete.


You can pick 1-2 dishes (depending as some dishes will take the whole 1:30 hours to make). Once purchased we will contact you via email to confirm dishes to be taught and to book in the date and time.


Link to zoom will be sent when date and time of the Zoom lesson is decided. Ingredients list will be sent too.

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