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Private Lesson With Chin (7 persons)

Private Lesson With Chin (7 persons)

This is for 5 people at £65 each to attend the course, hosted by Chin at our cookery school in Minehead Somerset.


Each lesson will be approx 1:30 - 2 hours, covering 1-2 dishes (depending on what was requested due to time restraints).


Any skill level is welcome, from beginner all they way through to advanced.


On completion of the course, you'lll recive a cerfitcate for the Chin and Choo's Cookery School, stating what dish you completed, your Name and the date. (This will be sent as a PDF via email).


When purschaing we will discus time and date of your bespoke course and what you'd like to cook.


All equipment will be provided, but if you have your own you'd like to use then by all means bring them along, however you will be responable for them (cleaning and safe keeping, we cannot hold resposablity for privatly owned items).


Below is just a list of dish ideas, we can cover any dishes you wish too, but we can cover, Chinese Takeaway, Traditional Chinese cooking, Dim Sum, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese.


Chow mein

Fried rice

Sweet and sour

Chicken balls

Prawn balls

Kung Po


Black bean

Nasi goreng



Hor fun

Handmade noodles

Sui Mia


Thai green curry

Thai red curry

Yellow curry

Spring rolls

and Much more, just ask!





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